Top 10 Celebrity Estates


Top Earning Celebrity Estates – Celebrities That Earn More Dead Than Most People Alive!

Many celebrities make millions of dollars during their career, however there is a select club of celebrities that continue to earn money (and LOTS of it) after they have deceased.  Quite a few of these celebrities died young and in the height of their career, while others were just so good at entertaining us that their work is timeless and resonates with people long after they have passed.  Some of these celebrities were wise enough to create businesses that they knew would continue to generate income long after they were gone.

Every person on this list generated over 5 million dollars in revenue (just in one year!) and one even broke the 100 Million Dollar mark!



Elizabeth Taylor – Died 2011

2015 Earnings – $20 Million

Elizabeth Taylor had a very long a distinguished career both on and off screen.  She began her acting career in the 1940s and continued acting for over 60 years!  She was also fortunate enough to get into the fragrance industry at the right time, and her flagship scent, White Diamonds, continues to sell well to this day, over 24 years after it was first released.

To put into context her earning power, Taylor would have been the 5th highest paid actress in 2015, outranking Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, and many more!


Top Earning Celebrity Estates – Celebrities That Earn More Dead Than Most People Alive!


Marilyn Monroe –  Died 1962

2015 Earnings – $17 Million

Marilyn Monroe’s life was cut short when she passed away from an overdose while she was just 36 years young.  Monroe’s estate still earns substantial revenue every year and she is still one of the most recognized celebrities of all time.  Besides have one of the most icon photos of all time (where she is standing over a grate in New York City that is blowing her white dress up), Monroe’s estate also has a clothing and lingerie line of apparel.


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